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What People are Saying | Journey K8

​Quotes and Testimonials

What Parents are Saying

“It has been a very positive year and this school has been a wonderful option for our son.This is a really great thing for kids because they truly learn how to govern themselves and their time. It's awesome.  
“Our daughter loves the program and is learning so much”
“We are so thankful for all of your support! This has by far been the best move and transition for our daughter”
"Schooling is beyond compare. The staff is amazing and curriculum is phenomenal. This program easily provides me the opportunity to put my children's education first"

​Why Students like Journey K8

Here are just a few things our students have shared what they like about our school:


  • Can school at home
  • Don’t have to get up at a certain time
  • Can school in pajamas
  • Can retake a quiz or test for a better score
  • Can take learning anywhere and everywhere


  • Can work at my own pace
  • Not overcrowded
  • Meet teacher online if need help
  • Easier to manage workload
  • More independence of what and when learn each day


  • The Hub
  • TIme to participate in other activities
  • Know everyone’s face and who they are
  • Monthly excursions
  • Make friends easier

Voice and Choice

  • Less stress
  • Convenient schedule
  • Teachers are really nice and always there to help
  • Math used to be confusing- now I love math!
  • More interaction and support from teachers
  • Don’t have to work 6 hours straight everyday
  • Mentally and physically healthier