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School Profile

Read about our programs and activities available at Village Middle School. Find out more about our robust offerings in academics, activities and Exploratorations, student support, and more! Read our School Profile

School Leadership

Our school leaders set the direction and tone for the entire school. They provide our educational focus, set high expectations, and inspire teachers and students alike to do their best. Leadership details.

Flexible Education for Self-Disciplined Learners

Our rigorous curriculum has a flexible schedule to offer students real-world opportunities, receive personalized support, and encourage strong relationships. More about flexible learning.

Room to Roam Academically

We provide an environment where students take ownership of their education. They get specialized support, whether independently, in a group, practically, or creatively. Students explore, dive deep, and build relationships on every step of their learning path. More about our experience.

Academics Overview Hybrid Learning

Our Facilities

You won’t find traditional classrooms with rows of desks at Village Middle School. Our learning space, The Hub, has a variety of seating available for students, including tall tables and chairs, individual chairs with attached desks, couches for collaboration, soft seating, bean bags, and more. More about our school environment.