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About Us | Journey K8

About Journey K8​

Journey K8 is a kindergarten - 8th grade online/hybrid public school in Academy District 20 that provides students with rigorous and personalized online curriculum available 24/7, a full time support grade level teacher, and multiple weekly opportunities for students to engage and collaborate in project based learning with their peers in the physical classroom, the virtual live lesson classroom, and face to face educational excursions.  We are committed to support students who desire to school from home, pursue their passions, achieve their potential, acquire the skills necessary to meet the challenges of a changing global world, and enjoy the flexibility that this creative experience affords.

We support students to utilize their flexibility learning styles in making deeper, more intentional, meaningful, and real world learning experiences. Students are encouraged to apply their personal and creative educational passions in conjunction with their grade level standards.

Why Choose Journey K8

Flexibility - Our unique blended learning program allows students to learn anywhere, anytime. Students can access curriculum at home, in person, and in synchronous/asynchronous collaborative learning groups. 

Personalized - Our flexible curriculum allows teachers to personalize instruction based on student needs and interests.

Collaboration - Our collaborative classroom approach fosters critical thinking and real-life problem solving, while promoting active, involved, exploratory learning. 

Voice & Choice - Fostering student engagement, responsibility, creativity, and innovation  through opportunities to choose personalized learning paths and activities.