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Highly Qualified Compassionate Staff

Our teachers are local Colorado licensed educators with more than 20 collective years of experience at Journey K8 and specialized training in online and hybrid teaching who are passionate about meeting the needs of the whole child while preparing them to meet the demands of our ever-changing world.  Teachers carefully plan activities, assignments, and assessments and are committed to learning about our students both in and out of school in order to find ways to connect learning in the classroom with real world experiences.

Intentional and Comprehensive Programming

Journey is designed to help students work towards mastery of the Colorado Academic standards through independent or group projects, collaboration, and discovery. Social emotional intelligence is fostered through RULER and Sources of Strength. While traditional electives such as music, art, foreign language, and physical education are not offered, learning extends beyond content areas and includes enrichment courses, clubs, and activities.

Circle of Support

Academic success at Journey is encouraged through collaboration between teachers, student, and parents. Students benefit from teacher lessons, guidance during virtual class time, intervention support, TAG & Enrichment, and office hours. Communication is key to student success at our school. We communicate weekly through emails, newsletters, updates, and personal teacher contacts.  We offer access to teachers through virtual office hours to provide additional support and answer questions. Parent or guardian involvement, supervision, and encouragement complete the circle of support.