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Academics | Journey K8

‚ÄčAcademics at Journey K8

Journey K8 supports students to utilize their flexibility learning styles in making deeper, more intentional, meaningful, and real world learning experiences.  Students are encouraged to apply their personal and creative educational passions in conjunction with their grade level standards.


Engaged Learning/Project Based Learning

We provide the opportunity for our students to engage with their learning in several meaningful ways. Here are a few ways we accomplish this:

Personalization - Our flexible curriculum allows teachers to personalize learning based on student needs and interests.  Students have choice in assignments and teachers help students create learning plans that further develop student strengths and support areas of weakness.

Intentional - Teachers carefully plan activities, assignments, and assessments to meet the demands of our ever-changing world.  We are committed to learning about our students both in and out of school in order to find ways to connect learning in the classroom with real world experiences.

Creative - Students have the opportunity to express their creativity through options in assignments and assessments such as presentations, stories, models, and discussions. Project Based Learning Units promote creativity through student choice, expression, and personal passions.

Commitment to Timely Communication: Communication is key to student success at our school. We communicate weekly through emails, newsletters, updates, and personal teacher contacts.

Project Based Learning - Our goal is for students to not only learn content standards, but learn about the world around them.  Project Based Learning (PBL) gives students the opportunity to make connections between themselves, their classmates, their school, their community, and the world.  Students will explore real world scenarios, develop projects that address real world problems, and share their findings with a public audience.  PBL at Journey K8 will give students the skills to succeed not only at school, but in life.



Students participate in a Hybrid Program that provides in-person experiences for students at The Hub, located in the new Center for Modern Learning. This option is available for students K8 statewide, but primarily for students who live in the Colorado Springs area so they can participate in person. This opportunity includes online coursework as well as in person activities (STEM, Project Based Learning, Enrichment, Support, etc.).