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The Hybrid Learning Model

The hybrid experience at Journey offers the best of both worlds – online flexibility and in-person opportunities. Hybrid learning occurs in the 'HUB', our on-site learning center in the Center for Modern Learning, 1-3 days per week depending on grade level. While at the HUB, students engage in hands on experiences in the Makerspace and Science Lab to apply and deepen their understanding of current learning objectives. They have voice and choice to work independently or collaborate with peers at the HUB.

Online coursework is accessible anytime from anywhere, even at the HUB, while they have support from a teacher. For families that need flexibility due to medical appointments, sport competitions, theater practice, or volunteering, students are able to adjust their calendars to access lessons around these activities.

Whether being active in competitive sports, traveling, or completing volunteer work in another location, being fully online periodically allows students to access independent coursework that fits the needs of their schedule while still participating in a rigorous learning experience with our online courses. While online, students may access teachers for additional support through email and by requesting appointments to touch base, but regularly scheduled virtual classes are not offered.

Students that are periodically online need to demonstrate strong planning skills and self-discipline in order to be successful.