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Hybrid Learning in the Hub

The Hub is the within the Center for Modern Learning. Students visit The Hub two to four days a week, depending on grade level.

While at the Hub, students engage in peer collaboration and hands-on experiences. By exploring their individual interests, they can apply and deepen their understanding of current learning objectives. Students have a voice and can choose where to study and whether to work independently or with their peers at the Hub.

Our Building

When you come into The Hub you’ll notice that it's not like any other middle school around! Students can find a place to work that meets their needs with flexible seating options over all three spaces. You will see students working independently and collaboratively – we love productive noise! Teachers spread throughout the space, available to support students any time. Sixth, Seventh and Eighth grade students spend much of the day working together, spread out throughout our space.

  • 8707 Wolf Valley Dr. – Corner of Wolf Valley Dr. and Research Pkwy.

    • Center for Modern Learning: First parking lot on the left

  • 2017 - Moved in to one room on 2nd floor

  • 2020 - Grew to occupy most of the 2nd floor (former Village High School's space)