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A Different Journey

We believe everyone’s journey is unique. At Journey K8, students receive specialized support as they progress on their learning paths, whether it’s solo or in a group, practical or highly creative. Online or on campus, students explore, dive deep and build relationships every step of their learning journey. 

Freedom to Learn 

Students residing in Colorado may learn anytime, anywhere at Journey K8.  Coursework is assigned by semester, permitting students to study at personalized paces week to week.  Many students are active as athletes, actors, or artists in our community, and our programming allows them the freedom to pursue their passions while still engaging in a rigorous learning environment.

Project Based Learning 

Our goal is for students to not only master the Colorado Academic Standards, but also learn about the world around them.  Project Based Learning (PBL) opportunities give students the ability to make connections between themselves, their classmates, their school, their community, and the world.  Partnerships with community leaders and experts help students connect their current academic content to real-life applications.

Variety of Learning Experiences

A Journey K8 education looks different for each student. Individuals can explore subjects through discussion groups and threads, portfolio projects, digital collaboration tools, lab and makerspace discoveries, choice boards, and one-on-one opportunities. Teachers help students create learning plans that further develop student strengths and support areas of weakness.